Bookmark All – for iPhone

Today we are launching Bookmark All (iTunes App Store link) our latest Nuuxo App for iPhone.

After our debut iPad app DBD – Delicious Bookmark Discovery (iTunes App Store link)  we recieved many requests to make something for the iPhone. Over the past year there was a lot of changes happening with Delicious, Yahoo! and now the new Delicious with AVOS. Due to all these changes users started moving around bookmarks looking for the best solution. We developed this App with these events fresh in our minds. Bookmark All is multi account, add your Delicious,, Diigo and Firefox bookmarks into one list. This would be convenient is what we heard, not 4 apps but 1. Search, sync and view tags across 1 set of bookmarks. During the year we read a lot of commentary on the web and saw the repeating question of “are my bookmarks safe with all the new changes happening?” (with services and APIs they offer) we decided to add some quick ways to make a backup copy if your a Dropbox user, or a downloaded copy via iTunes. For the Dropbox backup it will create a folder for each account and backup the bookmarks there, once signed-in to Dropbox it’s only a couple taps to make a backup.

for full details, check it out on the App Store. thanks for coming by we hope you like it!

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Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

Steve Jobs • 1955 – 2011

“Brave enough to think differently, bold enough to believe he could change the world & talented enough to do it” -Obama on Steve Jobs


The Job Jobs Did

Yves Béhar: Steve Jobs Changed My Life Epicenter

The Original 1984 Macintosh Introduction: the magic moment, when Steve Jobs unveils the Macintosh.

Steve Jobs on 101 Magazine Covers

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DBD 1.4.5 on the way

* update: 1.4.5 has been released as a free update, let us know if your experiencing problems with saving delicious bookmarks after this update.

Some of you have noticed that when you save or delete a bookmark you get an error message. The fact is that made some changes to their api and we had to update DBD to reflect this. DBD 1.4.5 has been submitted to the AppStore and will be available in a few days as an update.

Meanwhile rest assured that, despite the error message, your bookmarks are saved. You just need to reload them.

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Next app getting some love.

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DBD App quick fix on the way…

hi, we wanted to let all users know we found a bug in our lastest update 1.4.0 and have fixed it. Today we posted a small update to iTunes, 1.4.1 that should show up on your iPads soon. Special thanks to all who wrote to support and helped us resolve this issue.

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Nuuxo team members collaborate on WiFi App for Italy

Congratulations to Nuuxo group members and Studio Kmzero for their fine design and development work on Wired Wi-Fi Libero (Wi-Fi Free) iPhone App released today in Italy.

Wired Wi-Fi Libero helps people in Italy locate WiFi Access Points from their iPhone, and brings to light a strong message about the importance of Free WiFi access for the people with a special section “Sveglia Italia!” (Wake-up Italy!) in the App that outlines 10 points to getting there in the future. Integral to the message of free WiFi there is a way for anyone to publish a WiFi access point from the App.

from the video on GQ Italia (in italian)

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DBD delicious bookmark discovery iPad App has just been updated to v1.2

we just sent out another free update that brings the DBD Delicious Bookmark Discovery iPad App up to v1.2. here is what one can find in this update.

- better multitasking support for iOS 4.2.x
- better handling for both Yahoo! & Delicious authentication.
- fixed a bug with Yahoo! authentication timing out after 1 hour.

brian @ nuuxo

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DBD delicious bookmark discovery iPad App has just been updated to v1.1

our first real update! thanks to all the early people who helped us with your suggestions and bug catching.

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Video please, watch the DBD Delicious bookmark discovery iPad App in action!

Tag navigation and natural discovery:

Tags, Tag Clouds and adding a bookmark in the App:

How to Add the DBD Bookmarklet to your iPad’s Safari Browser:

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DBD – Delicious bookmark discovery iPad App is now available for sale in the iTunes App market.

DBD, Delicious bookmark discovery – web home

iTunes store link – screen caps and full feature list.

DBD was designed for the iPad from the start, taking advantage of it’s generous screen and unique form factor. The App’s core experience focuses on the social aspects of delicious, letting one see who recently bookmarked the same page they are viewing, and what Tags were used to describe it.

In DBD this typically leads down two paths, viewing a delicious member’s recent bookmarks, or viewing the delicious member’s bookmarks per Tag. Secondarily a Signed-In user accessing their delicious bookmarks can add any bookmark they come across very quickly to their own bookmarks via the delicious API.

DBD pushes a loop-like experience from the start, encouraging discovery from every angle be it a Bookmark, Member and/or Tag.

Beta testing the App was hard work, pleasing and some what addicting. We found it’s great for research, but also fun just to dive in and see what other members like you are bookmarking and tagging!

For those who have purchased it… we hope you enjoy it, and secondly thank your for your support. it’s that support and good ratings (should you like it) that will help us develop even more engaging ways to use DBD in the future.

We have some great features coming to DBD, stay tuned for the updates!

Sept. 17, 2010

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